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Once you fill in your details below, we will contact you directly and plan a digital meet-up with our professionals! Our main office is Amsterdam, Netherlands (CTE). Wherever you are in the world, we can offer you a short demo of the way we work, including our supporting tools.


Our offices

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cuba Travel Expert
Jollemanhof 24
1019 GW Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 77 00 486

Havana, Cuba

Cuba Travel Expert
Hotel Comodoro
Bungalow 892, 1ra y 84
Miramar, Playa, La Habana, Cuba

Phone: +53 52 86 258

Madrid, Spain

Cuba Travel Expert
Calle Francisco Silvela 36, 1º- 7.
CP 28028
Madrid, Spain​

Phone: +34 635 370 625